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Love cutting the grass. I love how it's just a mindless activity and you can think about whatever you want. But I hate cutting down the little purple flowers and the dandelions, even if they are technically weeds. Hmph.


Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:16 pm
Why is it so gorgeous outside on a work day? WHY?
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Thought I'd throw this out there in case any of you are interested!

Hello ladies,

For years men have been asking SPANX to create something for them that provides a little extra help fitting into their clothes. Well, the wait is over! Spanx has developed a new line of shapewear undergarments (briefs, undershirts, etc..) specifically for men! Visit to see what it’s all about.

As our trusted panel of Women Wear Test volunteers, we are asking you to reach out to your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, son, friends and neighbors!

If you know a guy that trusts his gut, but doesn’t want to show it, then have him join our Spanx Men’s Wear Test Team! We are recruiting men of all statures to give honest, candid feedback on new products we are creating. As a Wear Test Team member, he will be sent various products to wear (and wash). He will then complete an online survey about his experience with each product. The products he tests are his to keep.

Wear testing is completed during the product development process throughout the year. We cannot
guarantee participation in every single product test, the number of items he is given to test, the amount
of time in between each test or the time provided to complete the test. The information volunteers provide will be for Spanx for Men Product Testing only and will not be disclosed. Additionally, all product information and opinions of volunteers are to remain confidential and are not to be discussed in any public manner.

If you know someone who is willing and able to join the team, please email us with the information below or have him contact us at by April 15, 2010:

Name and Email Address of Male Volunteer

Don’t worry, the ladies (and men) at Spanx will never air your dirty laundry. All information you submit is confidential, is for internal use only and will never be shared with a third party for any reason.

Thanks for passing this along to anyone who would be interested in joining the Spanx Men’s Wear Test Team!

Spanx for Men Product Testing
I got my nursing school.. pre-acceptance papers today and now, I'm really terrified.

It's a lot about stepping out of my comfort zone - a lot about my own self-confidence (what if I can't do it?) and am freaking out a little bit. Okay, am freaking out a lot and sort of panicking. (Is that how you spell it?)

What if I am a terrible nurse? What if I just plain can't pass school? And I sort of hate people. (But maybe that is only at my current job?) What if someone dies? How am I going to pay for this?

Freaking, I'm freaking.
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I can't believe I never posted about it, but I can't find it anywhere in my archives or whatever. But a while ago I went on the worst date ever. With a guy who, after he asked me to have dinenr with him, told me I'd have to pick him up because he'd lost his license. And who, when I did pick him up, was drunk off his ass. Who kept trying to pet me and touch me and told me he loved me and when I didn't respond, called me an asshole. And when he asked me what I liked doing and I said I liked making things, sewing, crochet and stuff, he said, "CAN YOU MAKE ME SOME BIG SOCKS?"
Who, when I took him home after he bought me dinner (It wasn't readily apparent WHEN I picked him up that he was shitfaced; it became very apparent at dinner but at first I just thought he was socially awkward and trying to hold my hand because he didn't know better,) I had to WAKE HIM UP to get him out of my car. (At some point during dinner [pizza and a beer,] he also told me our babies might be big boys and football players like their daddy.)

Probably needless to say, we didn't go on a second date. (I actually called his friend from the bathroom to say I was leaving him at the restaurant, please come get him, and the friend talked me out of it.)

Today he came in to work. To eat, not to see me. (I think, I hope.) But he kept making eye contact while he was in line and I'm standing there thinking, "OH NOES, NOT AGAIN! ARGH!" and after he got sat, he came over, put his arm around my shoulders and said,

"I want to apologize for my behavior that night we went out. I'm sorry I did that to you."

I was a bit freaked out when he came over, but I thanked him. I thanked him again before he left, because I really did appreciate it and thought it was really nice. And I heard he's in rehab or AA or something. I really do hope that works for him.
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I have Windows 7 and sometimes, I can't click on my desktop icons. Problem seems to go away for a while after I reboot the computer, but I shouldn't have to be doing that all the time. I can access stuff from the start menu, but I can't click on the icons on the desktop.

Anybody know what is causing this?
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I waited on this guy last night and he kept making eye contact with me. And it freaked me out because.. I looked yea verily like a big heap of crap and I smelled like garlic from an "accident" at work. And it occurs to me that maybe he kept making eye contact because I kept LOOKING AT HIM but all I could think was that I MUST have looked like there was something wrong with me - because otherwise, WHY WOULD HE KEEP LOOKING? Never stopping for a moment to think that! Maybe he thought my helmet head hair was shiny and pretty or my eyes were gorgeous or he liked my boobies or my butt or just plain thought I was pretty. Never for a minute! did I think any of those things. But he was eye contact-ing me enough that every time I went out there, I WAS BLUSHING. Which probably made him wonder what was wrong with me! Rosacea? She is so hot her cheeks are red because she's busy? (And I was probably blotchy too, let's admit it.)


I told Ryan this morning that I felt lucky to have him in my life. (This is after we overslept, argued over clothing, missed the bus and had to finish a book for his book log before going to school,) and he said, "I know." So I asked how he knew? "Because all parents feel that way about their kids!" (If only they did.) I am lucky. :)

Additionally, he told my mom last night that he was going to put this on her "tombstone":
~"My mamaw, I love you. This is a sad place without you."~ (not sure if he was thinking about death because of Jake or what, sweet thought still, though.)
Thanks for the kind words, folks, they mean a lot. I'm feeling a bit better today. Yesterday was rough not only because of having to do it, but Jake was also laying in the kitchen sort of barking and I wasn't sure if he was in pain or what... He couldn't get up and we'd kind of thought he'd had a stroke because he seemed unable to use his back legs. The vet told Mom that sometimes they just lose control of them when they get older. :/

Ryan had some questions about how the whole thing worked; I explained to him that they would put Jake to sleep with special medicine and that they do that to humans, too, when they have surgery and that that part doesn't hurt at all, that Jake wouldn't be able to feel -anything- at all, and that then they would give him another kind of medicine to make his heart not work, and that he wouldn't be able to feel that either. And we talked about how Jake was hurting now and we will miss him but that he would be, well, better off not hurting and unable to get up any more. Later on, I realized that I neglected to mention that they don't give people medicine to make their heart not work any more. But then, he didn't question it, either. I hope that was an okay way to explain it to him. I didn't want him thinking that Jake will just never wake up because I don't want him confused about sleep/death.

It's funny how the other dogs seemed curious about him just laying there but also seemed respectful. Then again, they've always seemed to understand that Jake could be a bit playful when he wanted but when he was done, they knew he meant it. To me he's always been the Daddy Dog. Bell (our black lab that lived eighteen years - EIGHTEEN YEARS!) was always sort of the Mama around the place, and Jake was always sort of the Daddy - the old man of the place - excepting the fact that he was younger than she and I always thought it was her who taught him to fetch. :) They used to lay under the walnut tree and chow down on the walnuts out there. (Even after Bell had long worn down all her teeth to almost nothing, she'd chew walnuts.)

I guess the vet and staff were waiting on Mom to show up when she got there - he tried to get mom to let him carry Jake and she wouldn't. (My Mom is a lot more torn up than I expected her to be; it was hard enough for us to make the decision and I know it's really hard to take your pet actually to the vet to be put down.) Our vet BECAME our vet when we first adopted Jake from the humane society for twenty dollars and he came with a free neuter-ing? from that particular vet... you wouldn't believe how cute Jake was - not quite all the way yellow lab, with a bit of extra skin and these huge brown eyes that just looked so sweet. He was very definitely a Jake dog and there was no way we weren't taking him home that day.

A little Jake story: Last summer we were all at Mom's; Cody, Tim, Darrin, me, Chaz maybe, Mom, Dad, Ryan and we'd all been outside playing and it started to storm. We'd cooked burgers on the grill, and several of us were sitting on the porch eating. Jake, who was even then pretty slow getting around, came up on the porch to sit out of the rain (and also because he was scared of thunder and other loud noises, I assume,) he laid down on the porch, and after a few minutes got up, stole the hamburger off Tim's plate and was eating it before Tim noticed. I thought it was funny because he really was slow; and nobody could even come close to scolding him because we all felt he deserved it, after all the work it took him to get it. He also nabbed some pretzels Ryan was eating out of a cup in the exact same way one day.

I hope he knew how much we loved him and how entertaining he was, and I'm glad to know he's no longer suffering. Rest in peace, Daddy Dog.
Today... having to have Jake put down. Thirteen years - he's been a good boy and he's had a good run; looted plenty of food off the counter and spent countless days sunning himself on the soft grass. I will miss him.
Um, I think I left my cell phone at work last night. Oops. Or could be uh-oh.
I really need to update this thing.
Jesus Christ, is it ever cool and rainy and blah and gray. It is taking ALL OF MY WILLPOWER to not go crawl into bed and spend the rest of the day there.

I grew it.

Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:41 am
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